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City Resilience Diagnostic Tool: Reducing Urban Risks

With rapid urbanization, the City Resilience Diagnostic Tool, supported by UNITAC, equips cities to analyze vulnerabilities, anticipate potential shocks, and improve resilience, fostering livable environments for all.


Innovation Day: Sparking Creativity at the UN

The UN’s Innovation Day encourages staff to embrace new ideas and methodologies, fostering creativity, diversity, and expansive networks for improved mandate delivery.


RT-VaMA (Real-time Vaccination Monitoring and Analysis)

This toolkit contains templates, training modules, and other resources and tools that governments can use to quickly deploy real-time monitoring during immunization campaigns to enable quick, responsive, and predictive decision-making. 


Monitoring Global Hunger in Real-time

HungerMap provides an interactive global hunger monitoring system to help assess, monitor and predict the magnitude and severity of hunger in near real-time.


WFP Service Marketplace

One-stop shop for the global humanitarian community to access WFP’s supply chain services.


Diplomatic Pulse

A specialized search engine that pools together official press releases across Member States. Get a quick sense of trending themes, positions, and add press statements to a summary report.


Health Emergency Facility

The Health Emergency Facility (HEF) is an innovative and rapidly deployable package solution to provide modular surge bed capacity for screening, isolation, and essential care during disease outbreaks.


Data-driven recording of intergovernmental negotiations

A data-driven tool to automatically generate previously manually typed notes, reports and lists of resolutions on Speakers, sponsorship and voting data are fully integrated.


Nowcasts Illuminate Global Trade and Economy

UNCTAD’s global trade and economy nowcasts provide weekly estimates of current-quarter global trade and economy using AI-based models.


AI to Protect Human Rights Defenders

An AI model, built in collaboration with Dataminr, extracts information about attacks against human rights defenders with the goal of improve situational awareness and safety measures.


Sparrow: Unlock the Power of Social Media

A tool that unlocks the secrets of social media and enables the UN’s analysts to delve into the depths of the online world and surface with stunning reports that captivate and enlighten.


SMILE Application Helps Indonesia’s Malaria Response

The SMILE application, developed by UNDP and Indonesia’s Ministry of Health, leverages cloud-based digital solutions for real-time tracking of vaccine inventories and enhanced malaria control, impacting vulnerable communities.


Digital Solutions Empower Nepalese MSMEs

UNCDF launched a project to increase digital literacy among Nepalese micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), particularly women-led businesses, improving access to e-commerce platforms.


Digital Readiness Assessment Facilitates Digital Strategies

UNDP’s digital assessment facilitates inclusive national digital strategies for governments. >200 support cases led to e.g. Mauritania’s first Ministry of Digital Transformation, and first digital strategies in Lebanon or Moldova.


Project Transparency at UNESCO

Platform with UNESCO’s thousands of ongoing projects, budget data and key outcomes to ensure transparency and accessibility.


North Macedonia: A Foresightship Journey

North Macedonia successfully started to use foresight methods to become future-ready.


FUT-Tourism: Reinventing Post-Pandemic Tourism

FUT-Tourism bolsters tourism-focused MSMEs impacted by COVID-19, propelling digital transformation, gender equality, job creation, and economic diversification through a ‘Blue Economy for Green Islands’ model.

Behavioural Approaches for Entrepreneurship

The UNDP toolkit for entrepreneurship programming targeted at practitioners looking to complement their entrepreneurship policy and practice with behavioural approaches.


UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers (ICT-CFT)

UNESCO pushes for digital tech in teacher education & usage of ICT Competency Framework. Aims to strengthen digital-age learning and bridge knowledge divides.


Space Surveillance: Boosting Global Security

Space-based data is used to monitor ground situations to build political confidence. Used in airfield monitoring, oil production estimation, and social media for conflict resolution.


NewWork network

A network for exchange and inspiration on change initiatives and fostering collaboration and innovation across the UN.



Real-time data collection tool using telephone interviews to accumulating longitudinal population data that can be quickly analyzed and disseminated.


PreventionWeb: Platform for Disaster Risk

The global collaborative knowledge sharing platform for disaster risk reduction and resilience, providing access to latest news, documents, briefs, policies, voices, and more.


eTIR: Paperless Transport

The eTIR system enables paperless customs transit, facilitating secure and efficient movement of goods across borders, with plans to expand connectivity to more countries.

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