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Innovation Day: Sparking Creativity at the UN

The UN’s Innovation Day encourages staff to embrace new ideas and methodologies, fostering creativity, diversity, and expansive networks for improved mandate delivery.


Helping Schools Feed Futures in Eastern Africa

School Connect helps schools digitize data on attendance, consumption and stock inventory, to improve quality, planning and pipelines for school meals.

Innovating Menstrual Hygiene in Bangladesh

IOM is collaborating with fashion industry players to create menstrual pads from leftover fabric for Rohingya women in Cox’s Bazar camps.


North Macedonia Dream Labs

Foresight labs use imagination for policy making in North Macedonia.


OHCHR Innovation Challenge

OHCHR’s incubator and annual innovation challenge for innovative approaches in their work.


Innovation Challenges for Sustainable Tourism Development

UNWTO, through startup competitions and innovation challenges, fosters a network of entrepreneurs, institutions, and investors, leading to over $200 million in funding for startups and contributing to sustainable tourism development.


Learning Pioneers Programme and Innovation Hub

Focused on accelerating equitable access to digital learning solutions and building a community of changemakers. Powered by the Gov. of Finland, the Hub aims to help tackle the learning crisis and explore new pedagogies, tech and approaches.


Advancing Peacemaking with Brain and Behavioural Insights

An initiative to apply the science of thought and action, Brain and Behavioural Science, to foster peacemaking and preventive diplomacy.


The First Public BioHacking Laboratory

Skopje’s public BioTech Laboratory is pioneering bio-waste management. It provides education and encourages entrepreneurial opportunities, reusing and repurposing bio-waste to address environmental challenges.


WASH Innovation Hub

The Sustainable WASH Innovation Hub builds, accelerates and scales transformational climate-resilient solutions for an equitable and secure WASH future by sourcing, piloting and scaling frontier innovations to address challenges.


Thinkia: Ecuador’s Citizen Innovation Lab

Thinkia is an open innovation lab fostering collaboration across sectors, facilitating collective problem-solving with a focus on social welfare, and aiming to drive development through shared resources and open data.


Signals Spotlight 2023: Illuminating Futures Trends

UNDP’s Signals Spotlight presents insights from the Future Trends and Signals System. It explores possible implications for future development trajectories.


UN Archives Geneva

Enabling digital access to the history of multilateralism.


Gabon’s Leap into Digital Learning

Gabon pioneers digital learning in West and Central Africa, laying foundational digital infrastructure in primary education, testing online courses in nine pilot schools, and training over 500 students on digital tools.


FUT-Tourism: Reinventing Post-Pandemic Tourism

FUT-Tourism bolsters tourism-focused MSMEs impacted by COVID-19, propelling digital transformation, gender equality, job creation, and economic diversification through a ‘Blue Economy for Green Islands’ model.


Oky App: The First Co-created Period Tracking App Co-created for Girls

Oky mobile app (open source, free, inclusive) provides girls with information about their periods in fun, creative and positive ways. Oky is girl-centered and educates girls about MHH; it has reached 250,000 girls already.

Crowdsourcing Solutions, Combating Diseases

NCD Lab uniquely utilizes crowdsourcing to gather innovative, equitable interventions, combining technology with multidisciplinary strategies to address the global noncommunicable disease epidemic.

Behavioural Approaches for Entrepreneurship

The UNDP toolkit for entrepreneurship programming targeted at practitioners looking to complement their entrepreneurship policy and practice with behavioural approaches.


Speculative Peace Artifacts: Imagining Futures

To mark the UN’s 75th anniversary, UN DPPA and DFI launched a project for designers to create artifacts envisioning sustainable peace. Submissions covered climate security, AI-facilitated peace ceremonies, citizen peacemakers, and more.


Transforming Maternal Care using Immersive Virtual Reality

To address the midwife crisis of care, UNFPA has developed trainings for midwives on management of labour and complications using virtual reality clinical environments and simulations.


Biogas Project

Using animal waste to produce clean energy (biogas) in Tongogara Refugee Camp and Waterfalls Transit Center, reducing reliance on charcoal and firewood.


NewWork network

A network for exchange and inspiration on change initiatives and fostering collaboration and innovation across the UN.


Cabo Verde: A ForesightSHIP Journey

Cabo Verde and the UN launched ForesightSHIP, an exercise to shape the country’s 2022-2026 development plan and the 2023-2027 UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework.

Extreme Lives Advocacy Project

The Extreme Lives project created short documentaries for at-risk youth in Asia. Using behavioral insights, the films aimed to change perceptions, boost self-control, and foster community connections.

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