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My Future is Today Platform

A platform providing tools for young people to improve their labor situation and access job offers.


FAO Ghana: E-Agriculture Enhancements

FAO and the Government of Ghana launch an innovative project to enhance e-agriculture systems, aiming to transform agriculture, improve productivity, and provide efficient early warning and advisory services.


Digital Transformation of Labour Initiative

E-learning platform enhances technical/vocational education in Viet Nam. Improves digital, soft, entrepreneurial skills access for low-skilled workers, reaching 13K+ learners., most of them internal women migrants.


UNDP’s Seychelles Digital Strategy

UNDP supporting Seychelles in implementing digital strategy, enhancing capacities, and facilitating remote working.


Farm2Go App: Empowering Smallholder Farming

WFP’s digital marketplace bridges smallholder farmers with aggregation centers and buyers, giving them an increased chance to earn better prices.


Innovation Policy Assessment

UNECE offers capacity building to strengthen innovation governance and infrastructure, collaborating with governments and international organizations.


Connecting Posts, Empowering Communities aims to connect every post office to the internet by 2030, leveraging the vast postal network to bridge the digital divide, fostering inclusive development in the digital economy.


Digital Skills Bootcamp

Promoting employment opportunities in the technology sector through customized digital skills.


Blockchain for Spices: Transparent Supply

The blockchain project enhances transparency and traceability in the spice supply chain, benefiting small farmers and promoting a resilient spice sector in India.


Empowering Rwandan Agri-preneurs Digitally

In Rwanda, FAO supports youth and women to be the next generation of digitally literate agri-preneurs. Building digital skills and innovation capabilities is part of a broader effort to build enabling environments in agribusiness.


Regulator and Policymaker Hub for regulatory frameworks

Provides platforms and tools for effective policy, legal and regulatory frameworks to drive inclusive and cross-sectoral collaboration for digital transformation.


Akansha: CSR Matchmaking Platform

Akansha is a CSR matchmaking platform that facilitates collaborations and transparently discloses CSR activities for public-private partnerships in Karnataka.


QR Codes: Digital Upliftment for Youth & Women

Boosting contactless payment methods and financial inclusion.


Guiding ICT Evolution: The Regulatory Tracker

The ICT Regulatory Tracker is an innovative tool that identifies and monitors changes in ICT regulation, aiding in benchmarking and trend identification for policy makers, and supporting robust sector growth.

UN Women

Leveraging Digitalization for Women-Owned Businesses

UN Women and Pulse Lab Jakarta’s case study showcased how digitalization supports women-owned micro and small businesses coping with COVID-19.


ITU Price Data Tool

The ICT Price Baskets (IPB) is a tool and unique dataset about the affordability of ICT services around the world.


Boosting Small Producers through Digitalization

IFAD’s ICT4D programme employed digital technologies in >200 solutions that enhances productivity, market participation, and climate resilience for small producers, and includes a targeted training course.


Digital Financial Security Clinics for Emerging Economies

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) holds “Digital Financial Services Security Clinics” for emerging economies to provide guidance to developing countries on implementing security recommendations. ​The Clinics showcase the ITU DFS security lab and share knowledge with regulators and Central Banks on mitigating threats and vulnerabilities which can impact the security of digital financial services. ​


Bridging Digital Divides, Shaping Asia’s Future

The Asia-Pacific Information Superhighway (APIS) aims to bridge the digital divide with digital connectivity and inclusivity, fostering a robust digital economy and society across the region.


International Transport Infrastructure Observatory

ITIO offers a GIS platform hosting data on transport infrastructure networks, promoting regional cooperation and acting as a virtual marketplace for financing transport.


Digital Futures: Innovating Tourism’s Tomorrow

Elevating tourism industry actors’ skills with UNWTO’s Digital Futures Programme, harnessing the power of emerging technologies for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to shape a competitive, sustainable future.


FUT-Tourism: Reinventing Post-Pandemic Tourism

FUT-Tourism bolsters tourism-focused MSMEs impacted by COVID-19, propelling digital transformation, gender equality, job creation, and economic diversification through a ‘Blue Economy for Green Islands’ model.


UNWTO Academy: Empowering Tourism’s Global Future

UNWTO’s Online Academy: Transforming the tourism industry with accessible, innovative and sustainable e-learning, reaching professionals across 150+ countries.


eTIR: Paperless Transport

The eTIR system enables paperless customs transit, facilitating secure and efficient movement of goods across borders, with plans to expand connectivity to more countries.

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