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Yoma is a digital marketplace for youth to transform their futures by engaging in social impact tasks and learning & earning opportunities provided by a range of partners e.g. private enterprises, social impact orgs and future employers.

UN Women

Empowering Uganda: Women Lead in Aquaculture

In Uganda, UN Women has enabled over 1,400 women to cultivate 250,000+ tilapia fingerlings, offering them vital training and resources to flourish in the aquaculture sector.


EMPACT: Connecting Youth to the Digital Economy

Providing digital/soft skills training to 13,500+ young refugees and disadvantaged youth in Colombia, Iraq, Kenya, Lebanon, Palestine, Turkey, and Zimbabwe.


My Future is Today Platform

A platform providing tools for young people to improve their labor situation and access job offers.


African Girls Can Code Initiative

The programme aims to empower and equip 2,000 African women and girls between 17-25 with digital literacy skills over the course of four years, putting them on track for careers in the ICT sector.


Gender & Identity Platform

UNOCT’s developing user-led platform on Connect & Learn for gender and intersectionality.


Farm2Go App: Empowering Smallholder Farming

WFP’s digital marketplace bridges smallholder farmers with aggregation centers and buyers, giving them an increased chance to earn better prices.


UN system-wide Strategy on Gender Parity

The United Nations-wide Strategy on Gender Parity sets targets and monitors: leadership and accountability; senior management; recruitment and retention; creating an enabling environment; and Mission settings


Connecting Posts, Empowering Communities aims to connect every post office to the internet by 2030, leveraging the vast postal network to bridge the digital divide, fostering inclusive development in the digital economy.


Hand-in-Hand to Eradicate Poverty and Hunger

FAO’s Hand-in-Hand Initiative supports the implementation of nationally led, ambitious programmes to accelerate agrifood systems transformations by eradicating poverty, ending hunger and malnutrition, and reducing inequalities.

Overcoming Gender Gaps with BeSci

An IFAD study revealing behavioral barriers sustaining gender gaps. It provides a fresh perspective and roadmap for women’s economic empowerment, participatory decision-making, and work redistribution.


Media, Information, and Literacy MOOC

Launching a Massive Open Online Course on Media and Information Literacy for government officials and policy-makers.


Empowering Rwandan Agri-preneurs Digitally

In Rwanda, FAO supports youth and women to be the next generation of digitally literate agri-preneurs. Building digital skills and innovation capabilities is part of a broader effort to build enabling environments in agribusiness.

S4R: Solar Technologies for Female Smallholder Farmers

Providing low interest loans for solar-based technologies to build resilience and livelihoods of women and smallholder farmers in India.


Digital Solutions Empower Nepalese MSMEs

UNCDF launched a project to increase digital literacy among Nepalese micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), particularly women-led businesses, improving access to e-commerce platforms.


Boosting Small Producers through Digitalization

IFAD’s ICT4D programme employed digital technologies in >200 solutions that enhances productivity, market participation, and climate resilience for small producers, and includes a targeted training course.

UN Women

Digital Power: Uplifting Rural Women’s Resilience

Market-led innovation and digital tech are used for climate risk management and resilience building. Tailored to rural women in Haiti, Liberia, Malawi, Mali and Senegal, pilots include mobile financial literacy, early warning, crop insurance.


Supporting Youth to become Technology Entrepreneurs

The GUINEA-ON initiative is an incubator supporting the creation of tech-based youth enterprises in Equatorial Guinea.

Promoting STEM among Girls

UNDP Maldives utilized behavioral insights to counteract social and cultural barriers inhibiting girls from pursuing STEM careers. Iterative strategies were developed and tested to stimulate confidence, awareness, and readiness.


Rural Poor Stimulus Facility for ICT4D uptake

IFAD financed the NGO Precision Development (PxD) to provide ICT4D agricultural extension and advisory services to small-scale farmers. The project reached over 1.7 million farmers during the COVID 19 Pandemic.

UN Women

COVID-19 Support: Indonesia’s Cash-for-Work Program

Cash-for-work program providing income and entrepreneurship skills to women in Indonesia.


Oky App: The First Co-created Period Tracking App Co-created for Girls

Oky mobile app (open source, free, inclusive) provides girls with information about their periods in fun, creative and positive ways. Oky is girl-centered and educates girls about MHH; it has reached 250,000 girls already.


Transforming Maternal Care using Immersive Virtual Reality

To address the midwife crisis of care, UNFPA has developed trainings for midwives on management of labour and complications using virtual reality clinical environments and simulations.


NewWork network

A network for exchange and inspiration on change initiatives and fostering collaboration and innovation across the UN.

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