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Reclima: Sowing Seeds of Climate Resilience

The Reclima initiative fosters climate resilience, empowering 20k families in the Dry Corridor of El Salvador to adapt agriculture for restoring ecosystems, focusing on gender inclusion and youth engagement.

UN Women

Empowering Uganda: Women Lead in Aquaculture

In Uganda, UN Women has enabled over 1,400 women to cultivate 250,000+ tilapia fingerlings, offering them vital training and resources to flourish in the aquaculture sector.

H2Grow: Hydroponics for Food Security

Bringing locally adaptable and affordable hydroponic solutions to vulnerable communities worldwide and supporting food-insecure families to increase their access to fresh food and raise their income.

Sowing Seeds of Progress: Tropic Agriculture Innovation

FAO’s Tropical Agriculture Platform aims to foster sustainable intensification in the tropics, empowering small-scale farmers and agribusinesses with innovative, capacity-building tools.

S4R: Solar Technologies for Female Smallholder Farmers

Providing low interest loans for solar-based technologies to build resilience and livelihoods of women and smallholder farmers in India.

BioAnalyst: Improving Nutrient Testing

BioAnalyst developed iCheck, is a portable device that can quantitatively measure the micronutrient content of fortified foods within a matter of minutes.

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