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Overcoming Gender Gaps with BeSci

An IFAD study revealing behavioral barriers sustaining gender gaps. It provides a fresh perspective and roadmap for women’s economic empowerment, participatory decision-making, and work redistribution.

Promoting Positive Masculinity

UNDP Jordan’s campaign highlighted behavioral barriers to positive masculinity and used online experiments to encourage beneficial behaviors. Sentiment analysis of millions of tweets informed initiatives to encourage masculinity discourse.

Promoting STEM among Girls

UNDP Maldives utilized behavioral insights to counteract social and cultural barriers inhibiting girls from pursuing STEM careers. Iterative strategies were developed and tested to stimulate confidence, awareness, and readiness.

Improving Judicial Outcomes for Gender-Based Violence

UNDP Chile designed an empathetic support system for gender-based violence survivors navigating the judicial process. The strategy reduced drop-out rates by providing better information and expectation management.

UN Women

Bridging Gender Gaps: STEM and Parental Leave

UN Women leverages behavioural studies in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Uruguay to develop interventions that address gender disparity in STEM and employment after motherhood.

Overcoming Sexual Harassment Reporting Barriers

“Top Secret Helpline”, a mobile app minimizes behavioral barriers to reporting sexual harassment cases, encouraging more people to speak up, access resources, and seek help.

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