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Helping Schools Feed Futures in Eastern Africa

School Connect helps schools digitize data on attendance, consumption and stock inventory, to improve quality, planning and pipelines for school meals.


RT-VaMA (Real-time Vaccination Monitoring and Analysis)

This toolkit contains templates, training modules, and other resources and tools that governments can use to quickly deploy real-time monitoring during immunization campaigns to enable quick, responsive, and predictive decision-making. 


Fadfada: Mental Health Support in Syria

An online psychosocial support platform providing mental health support in to over 10,300 cases in post-earthquake Syria.

UN Global Pulse

Global South AI4COVID Program

Initiative that mobilized multidisciplinary research focused on evidence-based artificial intelligence and data science approaches to aid COVID-19 response and recovery.


Digital tools for the COVID-response in Congo

Supporting gov’t COVID-19 response through digitalization using SMS Chatbot for awareness, COVID Tracker for infection tracking, and EDUCOVID for preventive measures.


e-Health Transformation in Mauritius

Project replacing the paper-based healthcare system with an integrated e-Health system for improved patient care.


Digital Health in Georgia

Minimizing the Impact of the COVID-19 Outbreak in Georgia through Telemedicine and Digital Health Solutions.


Battle Against Wildlife-Livestock Disease Goes Mobile

FAO and Ghana Ministry of Food & Agriculture train for the use of mobile app EMA-i for disease surveillance in wildlife, aiding early detection and prevention in a landscape of increasing human-wildlife-livestock interactions.

UN Global Pulse

COVID-19 Risk Assessment in West Java

Pulse Lab Jakarta collaborated with the West Java provincial government to develop a risk assessment map for COVID-19 transmission hotspots in West Java through alternative use of traditional data.


SMILE Application Helps Indonesia’s Malaria Response

The SMILE application, developed by UNDP and Indonesia’s Ministry of Health, leverages cloud-based digital solutions for real-time tracking of vaccine inventories and enhanced malaria control, impacting vulnerable communities.


Software for Medicine Procurement

Development of TIQOM, an IT solution for procurement of medicines and medical supplies, improving supply levels and procurement transparency.


CODA: Streamlining Nutrition with Technology

CODA (Conditional On Demand Assistance) is a digital solution designed to simplify and streamline nutrition programme guidelines and to record data via mobile device and smart card.


Oky App: The First Co-created Period Tracking App Co-created for Girls

Oky mobile app (open source, free, inclusive) provides girls with information about their periods in fun, creative and positive ways. Oky is girl-centered and educates girls about MHH; it has reached 250,000 girls already.


Game-changing app tracks essential family planning supplies

A new mobile app, e-POD, aids health workers in preventing medical supply shortages, ensuring consistent contraceptive availability in Kenya.


eVIN: Revolutionizing Vaccination Systems

Initiative for improving efficiency of vaccination systems through operationalization of web-based vaccine management systems in all districts of select states in India.


Smart Village Model

The ‘Smart Village’ model uses digital development for real impact of multiple SDGs in rural regions. An integrated SDG platform provides bespoke digital solutions, transforming health, education, commerce, and agriculture sectors.


Digital Inclusion for Older People

UNFPA expands digital inclusion for older people through e-health services.

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