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Financing Improved Toilets

This initiative seeks to boost funding for the construction of improved toilets to combat open defecation, which contaminates sources of drinking water and spreads diseases such as cholera, diarrhoea and dysentery.

Innovating Menstrual Hygiene in Bangladesh

IOM is collaborating with fashion industry players to create menstrual pads from leftover fabric for Rohingya women in Cox’s Bazar camps.

Empowering Kenyan Women for Wellness

The Healthy Woman project tackles obesity, diabetes, and hypertension among Kenyan women, by combining health education with hands-on agri-nutrition training to promote sustainable, health-conscious decision-making.



FunDoo is a chat-based learning tool to empower and equip young people aged 14-24 with critical 21st-century skills and information on professional careers, health, mental health, climate change, and gender-based violence.


Regional Revolving Fund for Sanitation

This innovation assesses the potential to scale the Sanitation Revolving Fund in West and Central Africa, including its effectiveness, sustainability, cost-effectiveness, equity and key steps to effectively scale the financing model.


Complementary Feeding Bowl

The Complementary Feeding Bowl and Spoon provides caregivers with a simple tool to remember nutrition messages when they are preparing food for their child, ensuring children receive a diverse and nutrient-dense diet at the right frequency.


Rapid Water Quality Testing

Diarrhea is a leading cause of under-five mortality. UNICEF is working with partners to identify easy-to-use, rapid-detection methods to determine faecal contamination in water that can be effectively implemented in field settings.


East African Child Helpline MHPSS Chatbot Initiative

Uses RapidPro for U-Report programs to enhance chatbot/AI tech for instant-response, self-care advice while screening for urgent psychosocial support for vulnerable kids and women, combining technology and human intervention effectively.

Innovation Acceleration Fights Female Genital Mutilation

The WFP Innovation Accelerator collaborates with UNFPA to combat Female Genital Mutilation in Africa through innovative ventures, for example the ‘Women in Liberation and Leadership’ project.


Population Data for Action

The solution offers governments a simpler alternative to traditional census taking, providing population estimates by linking existing data sets with satellite imagery, routine health information system and modelling algorithm.


Health Emergency Facility

The Health Emergency Facility (HEF) is an innovative and rapidly deployable package solution to provide modular surge bed capacity for screening, isolation, and essential care during disease outbreaks.


The First Public BioHacking Laboratory

Skopje’s public BioTech Laboratory is pioneering bio-waste management. It provides education and encourages entrepreneurial opportunities, reusing and repurposing bio-waste to address environmental challenges.

Juntos Santiago: Gamifying Health for Kids

Juntos Santiago leverages mobile technology and gamification to encourage healthier eating and physical activity among schoolchildren in Santiago de Chile, fostering an enjoyable, participatory environment for improved lifestyles.


USupportMe: Digital Platform for Adolescent Mental Health

USupport provides personalized, discrete and fast mental health and psychological support for overall well-being of adolescents in Europe and Central Asia.

Unmasking Diabetes: Empowerment Through Art

The Bigger Picture uses art and multimedia to empower youth in the USA, spotlighting the environmental and socioeconomic inequities that drive type 2 diabetes and promoting transformative action in marginalized communities.


Here4U: Tailored Psycho-social Support for Young Migrants and Refugees

Personalized one-to-one remote psycho-social counselling for Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children, young migrants and refugees through the U-Report On The Move platform.



A web and mobile app chatbot that used NLP and AI to answer users’ questions on COVID. The chatbot included information on various topics, including symptoms and transmission, protective measures, GBV, mental health support, vaccines etc.


Humanitarian Sanitation Costing Tool

This tool involves developing, demonstrating and refining a costing tool to provide guidance on sanitation investment in protracted humanitarian situations to facilitate safer and more cost-effective and sustainable humanitarian solutions.


Media Resilience and Empowerment for Ukraine

Supporting Ukrainian journalists with resources and mental health support.

BioAnalyst: Improving Nutrient Testing

BioAnalyst developed iCheck, is a portable device that can quantitatively measure the micronutrient content of fortified foods within a matter of minutes.

Crowdsourcing Solutions, Combating Diseases

NCD Lab uniquely utilizes crowdsourcing to gather innovative, equitable interventions, combining technology with multidisciplinary strategies to address the global noncommunicable disease epidemic.


Transforming Maternal Care using Immersive Virtual Reality

To address the midwife crisis of care, UNFPA has developed trainings for midwives on management of labour and complications using virtual reality clinical environments and simulations.


My ChildLine App

This innovative app offers resources in multiple languages and provides access to child protection services, including hotlines and age-appropriate materials, direct psychosocial support, tele-counseling, and safety-related information.


GPS-Driven Health Care Across Ukraine

UNFPA Ukraine uses GPS-enabled mobile health teams to deliver sexual and reproductive services nationwide.

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