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Leveraging Civic Imagination

Stakeholder consultations using foresight to identify priorities for the future in Vanuatu and two regions in Fiji.

Reclima: Sowing Seeds of Climate Resilience

The Reclima initiative fosters climate resilience, empowering 20k families in the Dry Corridor of El Salvador to adapt agriculture for restoring ecosystems, focusing on gender inclusion and youth engagement.


Future Skills Center

The Future Skills Center (FSC) provides tailored training for future skills in construction, smart cities, BIM technology, green energy, and digital avatars. Supports skills upgrade for green technology adoption.

OportuGuate in Guatemala

Connecting returned migrants with job opportunities and entrepreneurship.

UN Women

Empowering Uganda: Women Lead in Aquaculture

In Uganda, UN Women has enabled over 1,400 women to cultivate 250,000+ tilapia fingerlings, offering them vital training and resources to flourish in the aquaculture sector.


Giga boosts School Connectivity

An ITU-UNICEF initiative dedicated to connecting every school to the internet using AI, satellite imagery, and blockchain technology.


North Macedonia Dream Labs

Foresight labs use imagination for policy making in North Macedonia.


Digital Transformation of Labour Initiative

E-learning platform enhances technical/vocational education in Viet Nam. Improves digital, soft, entrepreneurial skills access for low-skilled workers, reaching 13K+ learners., most of them internal women migrants.


Cities for a Sustainable Future

ESCAP uses foresight exercises to anticipate and address challenges arising from rapid urbanization. Through research and capacity-building, ESCAP supports evidence-based decision-making for inclusive, resilient urban environments.


AVR for STEM Education

An initiative introducing augmented and virtual reality (AVR) in remote mountainous regions of Viet Nam to enhance STEM education and encourage girls’ participation in STEM subjects.


Advancing Peacemaking with Brain and Behavioural Insights

An initiative to apply the science of thought and action, Brain and Behavioural Science, to foster peacemaking and preventive diplomacy.


SP4N-LAPOR: Digital tool for citizen engagement

A UNDP-supported national complaint handling system in Indonesia improving public service provision through handling online petitions.


Farm2Go App: Empowering Smallholder Farming

WFP’s digital marketplace bridges smallholder farmers with aggregation centers and buyers, giving them an increased chance to earn better prices.


Digital inclusion for displaced community

UNHCR implemented a community network to break down connectivity barriers and build a better future for a displaced community in Colombia: Digital inclusion in action.


Co-creating the Future of Manufacturing in Egypt

UNIDO applied strategic foresight to shape the future of manufacturing in Egypt through collaboration with various stakeholders.


Connecting Posts, Empowering Communities aims to connect every post office to the internet by 2030, leveraging the vast postal network to bridge the digital divide, fostering inclusive development in the digital economy.

Sowing Seeds of Progress: Tropic Agriculture Innovation

FAO’s Tropical Agriculture Platform aims to foster sustainable intensification in the tropics, empowering small-scale farmers and agribusinesses with innovative, capacity-building tools.


AI Peacemaking: Amplifying Public Voices

Exploring the use of AI for real-time 1-on-1 consultations in local dialects & languages to involve public voices in peace negotiations. Real-time analysis based on demographic interests.

Overcoming Gender Gaps with BeSci

An IFAD study revealing behavioral barriers sustaining gender gaps. It provides a fresh perspective and roadmap for women’s economic empowerment, participatory decision-making, and work redistribution.


Improving Electronic Engagement and Participation

Assisting Saudi Arabia in increasing e-engagement and e-participation, focusing on inclusivity.


Empowering Rwandan Agri-preneurs Digitally

In Rwanda, FAO supports youth and women to be the next generation of digitally literate agri-preneurs. Building digital skills and innovation capabilities is part of a broader effort to build enabling environments in agribusiness.


Regulator and Policymaker Hub for regulatory frameworks

Provides platforms and tools for effective policy, legal and regulatory frameworks to drive inclusive and cross-sectoral collaboration for digital transformation.


UN Disability Inclusion Strategy

The United Nations Disability Inclusion Strategy provides the foundation for sustainable and transformative progress on disability inclusion through all pillars of the work of the United Nations: peace and security, human rights, and development.

S4R: Solar Technologies for Female Smallholder Farmers

Providing low interest loans for solar-based technologies to build resilience and livelihoods of women and smallholder farmers in India.

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