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Pacific Digital Democracy Initiative

EU/UNDP launched programme to strengthen the Pacific’s digital democratic practices & human rights, including through digital plans, CSOs partnerships, & tackling disinformation.


Population Data for Action

The solution offers governments a simpler alternative to traditional census taking, providing population estimates by linking existing data sets with satellite imagery, routine health information system and modelling algorithm.


Cybersecurity Programme

The Cybersecurity Programme offers tools to increase cybersecurity capabilities at the national level, build confidence and trust in the use of ICTs and promote security and resilience in the digital space.


Software for Medicine Procurement

Development of TIQOM, an IT solution for procurement of medicines and medical supplies, improving supply levels and procurement transparency.


Building Knowledge Societies

UNESCO’s efforts to promote freedom of expression, access to information, and digital technologies for inclusive knowledge societies – with relevant insights and knowledge in the Communication & Information hub.


Internet Universality Assessment

UNESCO encourages voluntary national assessments of internet development based on the ROAM principles: Rights-based, Open, Accessible, and Multi-stakeholder driven.


Human Rights and Digital Technology Hub

The UN Hub for Human Rights and Digital Technology upholds human rights in our increasingly digital world, providing key texts, analysis, and recommendations for online and offline respect.


iVerify: UNDP’s Misinformation Fighter

Application that prevents the spread of false information through automated fact-checking.


a2i: Digital Transformation Catalyst Bangladesh

A UNDP & Government of Bangladesh digital transformation catalyst to disrupt the traditional civil service mindset – and make digital innovation work for the poor in Bangladesh.


TeleCPUs: Improving Accessibility of Child Protection Services

In the Philippines, WCPUs offer one-stop services for abused women and children. During COVID-19, telemedicine was introduced for remote medical and psychosocial support to ensure continued access to MHPSS during the lockdown.


SDG Leadership Labs: Transformational Leadership in the UN

Read about SDG Leadership Labs and Theory U method application in the United Nations.


Flowers in the Air: Humanizing Statistics

Digitally mapping femicide victims’ memory routes, giving summaries and figures humane faces and individual stories.


Futures for Intergenerational Equity Project

Tools to mainstream intergenerational equity through futures literacy and foresight – and help advance equitable, just and fair generational relations.


Global Partnerships on AI: Towards Ethical AI Policy

The Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence is an international initiative for guiding responsible AI development and use that respects human rights and democratic values.

Overcoming Sexual Harassment Reporting Barriers

“Top Secret Helpline”, a mobile app minimizes behavioral barriers to reporting sexual harassment cases, encouraging more people to speak up, access resources, and seek help.

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