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Strengthening eCRVS System

UNICEF supports the CRVS DPG solutions for transformational scale that will benefit multiple countries across the World, with the potential of becoming a global digital public good.


Digital Cadastre and Titling in the Panama Canal Watershed

UNDP Panama and the Panama Canal program have digitized property records in the watershed area, using GPS-based surveys and cloud-stored databases, accessible via QR codes.

Building Blocks: Blockchain Empowering Humanitarian Aid

WFP’s Building Blocks utilizes blockchain technology to securely distribute aid, prevent overlap, and save millions in bank fees while supporting millions globally.


Kits that Fit

This innovative solution bridges together different components of humanitarian assistance to “close the loop” between demand and supply in humanitarian assistance, leveraging effective emergency product feedback to support customization.


SPRINT (Scaling Pneumonia Response Innovations)

A country-level triaging tool for the scale up of oxygen therapy and amoxicillin dispersible tablets. The model analyzes bottlenecks and recommends appropriate solutions to accelerate the scale up of commodities and strengthen systems.

Reviving Rohingya Culture, Reinventing Bamboo Shelters

The IOM’s Bamboo Treatment Facility transforms locally abundant bamboo into long-lasting, eco-friendly shelters for Rohingya refugees, creating a pioneering blueprint for sustainable crisis response.


Blockchain Boosts Hygiene Access in Bangladesh

UNFPA uses WFP’s ‘Building Blocks’ to boost menstrual hygiene access. Mobile app transactions on the blockchain impact 3K+ women, with >50% increase in sanitary pads redemption.

Optimus: Powering WFP Decision-Making with Analytics

WFP’s Optimus tool harnesses advanced analytics to optimize operational plans, fostering cost-effective aid strategies and making significant efficiency gains globally.


Voices of Change

VoC is a wide range of platforms that allow affected populations to share feedback and raise concerns about service providers working in their communities, through multiple channels incl. digital, online, offline. SEA can also be reported.

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