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Reducing University Campus’ Environmental Footprints

The Little Book of Green Nudges is a concise guide for reducing campus environmental impact through behavioral change. Currently being tested on 136 pilot campuses globally.

BeSci for Action Against Climate Change

The Evidence Gap Map presents a landscape of studies on the effectiveness of behavioural science interventions in developing countries within the context of climate change.

Energy Efficiency Campaign

A North Macedonian study explored household adoption of energy-efficient solutions. Based on findings, a campaign encourages application for incentive-based payments for energy-efficient purchases, launching in 2023.

Audience Segmentation for Targeted Content

Segmentation of UNEP’s audience using BeSci insights and leveraging AI and decisions trees to better target the content from the Global Environmental Outlook, increasing its communication effectiveness and relevance to the reader.

Innovating Agrifood Systems with BeSci

FAO leverages behavioural science to boost innovation and sustainability in the agrifood sector. Seven pilot studies yielded valuable insights on issues like AMR, CER, and resilience.


BeSci in Climate Policy-Making

ESCAP offers an online training on applying behavioral science in environment and development policy.

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