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GeoAI: Detecting Air Pollution Hotspots

The GeoAI platform leverages satellite imagery and AI to detect air pollution hotspots, aiding environmental regulation and climate action in India.


Environmental Monitoring and Assessment E-learning

This platform provides information on environmental data and their use in policies, aiming to upgrade skills and align with Sustainable Development Goals.


Reviving Brazil: The Renova Semiárido Platform

An interactive platform showcases affordable, eco-friendly technologies transforming Brazil’s semi-arid region, offering users maps, testimonials, tech details, and investment opportunities.


Improve the Air Citizens Breathe

The Global Environment Monitoring System for Air (GEMS/Air) is an air quality monitoring platform in 140 countries using scalable low-cost sensors. >50 million annual users; country use for preventive action, e.g. Kenya, Thailand.


National Carbon Registry: Curbing Emissions

Open-source solution designed to help countries reduce greenhouse gas emissions through enabling carbon credit trading.

UN Women

Digital Power: Uplifting Rural Women’s Resilience

Market-led innovation and digital tech are used for climate risk management and resilience building. Tailored to rural women in Haiti, Liberia, Malawi, Mali and Senegal, pilots include mobile financial literacy, early warning, crop insurance.


Igniting Rural Revolution with 1,000 Digital Villages

FAO sparks an inclusive, rural transformation through its 1,000 Digital Village Initiative, driving agri-food sustainability with targeted digital innovations.


FUT-Tourism: Reinventing Post-Pandemic Tourism

FUT-Tourism bolsters tourism-focused MSMEs impacted by COVID-19, propelling digital transformation, gender equality, job creation, and economic diversification through a ‘Blue Economy for Green Islands’ model.


Collective Lake Mapping & Open Mapathon

UNDP, PMO Jabodetabekpunjur, and OpenStreetMap Indonesia, collaborated to digitally map 200+ lakes in Greater Jakarta, improving data on water bodies, aiding flood-prone areas, and informing policy decisions.


Playing for the Planet Alliance

UNEP partners with major players in the gaming industry. By placing green activations in games, they make use of their massive reach among young people for learning and acting in support of the environment.

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