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Reimagining Futures Together: Social Contract for Education

Report on education’s intergenerational nature and the importance of collaboration.


Climate Scenarios for Panama 2050

Technical assistance provided to MiAMBIENTE for the development of the Fourth National Communication, including climate scenarios to 2050 for decision-making.


Satellite Imagery and Risk Modeling in Fiji

UNDRR collaborates with partners like UNOSAT in Fiji to utilize satellite imagery and future-oriented risk modeling for informed resettlement decisions in the face of climate change.


Forest Sector Outlook Study

A study providing information and scenario analyses for decision-making in the UNECE region’s forest sector, covering Europe, North America, and the Russian Federation.


Food and Agriculture Projections to 2050

Combining foresight and data approaches, FAO provides an innovative dataset of long-term projections for agrifood systems.


Enhancing Environmental Action in Asia-Pacific

A participatory project focusing on environmental challenges, engaging stakeholders to develop scenarios and a roadmap for regional cooperation.


Youth Engagement in Climate Policies

Youth for Climate platform engages young people in discussing North Macedonia’s climate futures, influencing the Enhanced Nationally Determined Contributions (eNDC).

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