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Nilus: Technology to Tackle Poverty

Nilus is tech company working to lower the cost of living for low-income people, leveraging the power of disintermediation, food rescue and community group buying.


Thinkia: Ecuador’s Citizen Innovation Lab

Thinkia is an open innovation lab fostering collaboration across sectors, facilitating collective problem-solving with a focus on social welfare, and aiming to drive development through shared resources and open data.


SWIMS: Digital Aid for Ghana’s Vulnerable

SWIMS (Social Welfare Information Management System) is a secure system managing social welfare, child protection, and gender-based violence data. Promotes effective case management for vulnerable children.


UNFPA & WorldPop’s Population Data for Targeted Intervention

UNFPA and WorldPop teams developed new geospatial modeling methods to address the challenges of obtaining accurate population data, utilizing satellite, survey, and cellphone data.


My ChildLine App

This innovative app offers resources in multiple languages and provides access to child protection services, including hotlines and age-appropriate materials, direct psychosocial support, tele-counseling, and safety-related information.


Behavioural Insights for Better Communication with Displaced People

Partnership to explore how communication strategies rooted in behavioral, cognitive and social science can accelerate the spread of innovative approaches to providing care and protection to the world’s more than 65 million displaced people.


Energy Vulnerability Fund

Moldova’s initiative to address energy crisis and support vulnerable households.


Children in Migration Portal

A multimedia portal facilitating discussions on migration’s impact on families and providing resources to support children and families affected by migration.

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