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Yoma is a digital marketplace for youth to transform their futures by engaging in social impact tasks and learning & earning opportunities provided by a range of partners e.g. private enterprises, social impact orgs and future employers.

Reclima: Sowing Seeds of Climate Resilience

The Reclima initiative fosters climate resilience, empowering 20k families in the Dry Corridor of El Salvador to adapt agriculture for restoring ecosystems, focusing on gender inclusion and youth engagement.


EMPACT: Connecting Youth to the Digital Economy

Providing digital/soft skills training to 13,500+ young refugees and disadvantaged youth in Colombia, Iraq, Kenya, Lebanon, Palestine, Turkey, and Zimbabwe.


My Future is Today Platform

A platform providing tools for young people to improve their labor situation and access job offers.

Increasing HIV Testing Uptake

UNDP and UNFPA used behavioral science to improve HIV testing uptake among Georgian youth. A randomized control trial, based on micro-narratives research, informed interventions to enhance self-testing and scale-up programs.


Digital Empowerment through Outsourced Jobs

UNICEF’s Impact Hub initiative aids young graduates in Tajikistan through outsourcing: resulting opportunities in digital jobs offer training opportunities and combat unemployment and brain drain.


Giga boosts School Connectivity

An ITU-UNICEF initiative dedicated to connecting every school to the internet using AI, satellite imagery, and blockchain technology.



FunDoo is a chat-based learning tool to empower and equip young people aged 14-24 with critical 21st-century skills and information on professional careers, health, mental health, climate change, and gender-based violence.


UN system-wide Youth Strategy

Youth2030, the first-ever UN system-wide strategy on youth, guides joint UN action for and with young people globally.


African Girls Can Code Initiative

The programme aims to empower and equip 2,000 African women and girls between 17-25 with digital literacy skills over the course of four years, putting them on track for careers in the ICT sector.


Reimagining Futures Together: Social Contract for Education

Report on education’s intergenerational nature and the importance of collaboration.


AVR for STEM Education

An initiative introducing augmented and virtual reality (AVR) in remote mountainous regions of Viet Nam to enhance STEM education and encourage girls’ participation in STEM subjects.


Laaha, the Virtual Safe Space (VSS) platform

Laaha aims to be a digital space where women and adolescent girls can seek support, ask questions, discover where to find help, and eventually replicate the sense of a safe social network on the platform.


Complementary Feeding Bowl

The Complementary Feeding Bowl and Spoon provides caregivers with a simple tool to remember nutrition messages when they are preparing food for their child, ensuring children receive a diverse and nutrient-dense diet at the right frequency.


CariSECURE: Transforming Crime Prevention with Data

CariSECURE employs a public health strategy to combat crime, training public personnel to standardize and analyze security data. The project promotes evidence-based policy-making, targeting root causes of youth violence and crime.


Magic Box: Digital Age-Appropriate Learning

Digital solution providing age-appropriate learning and development activities for children in Tajikistan.

Juntos Santiago: Gamifying Health for Kids

Juntos Santiago leverages mobile technology and gamification to encourage healthier eating and physical activity among schoolchildren in Santiago de Chile, fostering an enjoyable, participatory environment for improved lifestyles.


Empowering Rwandan Agri-preneurs Digitally

In Rwanda, FAO supports youth and women to be the next generation of digitally literate agri-preneurs. Building digital skills and innovation capabilities is part of a broader effort to build enabling environments in agribusiness.


QR Codes: Digital Upliftment for Youth & Women

Boosting contactless payment methods and financial inclusion.


UNICEF Youth Foresight Fellows and Global Network

UNICEF established the first cohort of Youth Foresight Fellows and a Global Network, who developed the Our Future Pledge Toolkit to enhance youth futurist capacity.


USupportMe: Digital Platform for Adolescent Mental Health

USupport provides personalized, discrete and fast mental health and psychological support for overall well-being of adolescents in Europe and Central Asia.

Unmasking Diabetes: Empowerment Through Art

The Bigger Picture uses art and multimedia to empower youth in the USA, spotlighting the environmental and socioeconomic inequities that drive type 2 diabetes and promoting transformative action in marginalized communities.


Here4U: Tailored Psycho-social Support for Young Migrants and Refugees

Personalized one-to-one remote psycho-social counselling for Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children, young migrants and refugees through the U-Report On The Move platform.


SWIMS: Digital Aid for Ghana’s Vulnerable

SWIMS (Social Welfare Information Management System) is a secure system managing social welfare, child protection, and gender-based violence data. Promotes effective case management for vulnerable children.

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