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What’s In The Box? A Novel Solution For Emergency Connectivity

The humanitarian crisis in Nigeria continues to be one of the most severe and complex globally. The CrisisNet kit offers a world of communication to humanitarians to power their response — all in just one box.


WFP Information & Technology Strategy 2023 – 2026

The Information and Technology Strategy 2023-2026 maps WFP’s vision for the future of technology, evidence, and innovation. The actions stemming from this strategy will improve WFP’s performance, driving the efficiency and effectiveness gains that country offices need to sustainably save and change lives.


Snapshot: The Potential of Digital Public Infrastructure

This compendium presents a snapshot of digital solutions in action around the world that can help move the needle and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Mapped across all 17 SDGs, the solutions presented in the compendium are a mix of DPI and other solutions with the potential to become DPI. They all share common characteristics of interoperability, open standards, societal scale, and enabling rules and regulations.


The Digital Public Infrastructure Approach: A Playbook

For countries in the early stage of their Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) adoption journey, or for those that might be just beginning to embrace this novel concept: where should they start? Beyond the definitions and principles, what are some practical steps they need to consider? This DPI playbook is designed as a practical and public resource that low and middle-income countries (LMICs) in particular can utilize in building an inclusive and rights-based DPI.


ITU Academy

ITU Academy is an online gateway to ITU’s capacity development activities. It offers a wide range of training activities and knowledge resources in information and communication technologies (ICTs) and digital development.


EMPACT: Connecting Youth to the Digital Economy

Providing digital/soft skills training to 13,500+ young refugees and disadvantaged youth in Colombia, Iraq, Kenya, Lebanon, Palestine, Turkey, and Zimbabwe.


My Future is Today Platform

A platform providing tools for young people to improve their labor situation and access job offers.


UNDP Digital Strategy

With this strategy, UNDP puts forth a long-term vision to create a world in which digital is an empowering force for people and planet.


GeoAI: Detecting Air Pollution Hotspots

The GeoAI platform leverages satellite imagery and AI to detect air pollution hotspots, aiding environmental regulation and climate action in India.


Helping Schools Feed Futures in Eastern Africa

School Connect helps schools digitize data on attendance, consumption and stock inventory, to improve quality, planning and pipelines for school meals.


Giga boosts School Connectivity

An ITU-UNICEF initiative dedicated to connecting every school to the internet using AI, satellite imagery, and blockchain technology.


FAO Ghana: E-Agriculture Enhancements

FAO and the Government of Ghana launch an innovative project to enhance e-agriculture systems, aiming to transform agriculture, improve productivity, and provide efficient early warning and advisory services.


RT-VaMA (Real-time Vaccination Monitoring and Analysis)

This toolkit contains templates, training modules, and other resources and tools that governments can use to quickly deploy real-time monitoring during immunization campaigns to enable quick, responsive, and predictive decision-making. 


Digital Transformation of Labour Initiative

E-learning platform enhances technical/vocational education in Viet Nam. Improves digital, soft, entrepreneurial skills access for low-skilled workers, reaching 13K+ learners., most of them internal women migrants.


African Girls Can Code Initiative

The programme aims to empower and equip 2,000 African women and girls between 17-25 with digital literacy skills over the course of four years, putting them on track for careers in the ICT sector.


e-Agriculture CoP

e-Agriculture is a global community of practice that facilitates dialogue, information exchange and sharing of ideas related to the use of ICTs for sustainable agriculture and rural development.


Gender & Identity Platform

UNOCT’s developing user-led platform on Connect & Learn for gender and intersectionality.


SP4N-LAPOR: Digital tool for citizen engagement

A UNDP-supported national complaint handling system in Indonesia improving public service provision through handling online petitions.


UNDP’s Seychelles Digital Strategy

UNDP supporting Seychelles in implementing digital strategy, enhancing capacities, and facilitating remote working.


Farm2Go App: Empowering Smallholder Farming

WFP’s digital marketplace bridges smallholder farmers with aggregation centers and buyers, giving them an increased chance to earn better prices.


ECE Digital Toolbox

The ECE digital toolbox supports green transformation and sustainable development in the UNECE region by leveraging digital technologies for economic development, policy implementation, and resource management.


Digital Regulation Platform

A global resource for policy-makers, regulators, the tech industry and consumers on digital regulation topics.


Messenger Apps as a Lifeline

UNHCR uses WhatsApp to share life-saving information with the forcibly displaced.


Fadfada: Mental Health Support in Syria

An online psychosocial support platform providing mental health support in to over 10,300 cases in post-earthquake Syria.

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