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Leveraging Civic Imagination

Stakeholder consultations using foresight to identify priorities for the future in Vanuatu and two regions in Fiji.


Future Skills Center

The Future Skills Center (FSC) provides tailored training for future skills in construction, smart cities, BIM technology, green energy, and digital avatars. Supports skills upgrade for green technology adoption.


Modeling Systemic Risks in Costa Rica

UNDRR provides technical assistance to Costa Rica and other countries to improve systemic risk modeling, enabling insights for better investment and planning exercises.


Future Forward Plan in Fiji

Foresight embedded in Fiji MCO’s Vanuatu Electoral Environment Project and Ministry of Internal Affairs support.


North Macedonia Dream Labs

Foresight labs use imagination for policy making in North Macedonia.


Cities for a Sustainable Future

ESCAP uses foresight exercises to anticipate and address challenges arising from rapid urbanization. Through research and capacity-building, ESCAP supports evidence-based decision-making for inclusive, resilient urban environments.


Reimagining Futures Together: Social Contract for Education

Report on education’s intergenerational nature and the importance of collaboration.


Exploring Technological Horizons

International Telecommunication Union’s center for Emerging Technology Trends empowers society with technology insights and fosters global academic networks.


FamPred: Forecasting Food Crises with HungerMap live

FamPred is a forecasting tool utilizing machine learning techniques to project food insecurity 30 days in advance. It has been successfully validated in Yemen, Mali, Syria, and Nigeria.


Harnessing Geospatial AI for Disaster-related SDGs

An ESCAP report investigates the state of art and uptake of Geospatial Artificial Intelligence (GeoAI) applications for strategic foresight in disaster-related topics.


Co-creating the Future of Manufacturing in Egypt

UNIDO applied strategic foresight to shape the future of manufacturing in Egypt through collaboration with various stakeholders.


Reimagining Indonesia’s New Capital City

Foresight approaches for an inclusive and smart forest city in Indonesia.


Climate Scenarios for Panama 2050

Technical assistance provided to MiAMBIENTE for the development of the Fourth National Communication, including climate scenarios to 2050 for decision-making.

UN Global Pulse

Horizon Scanning in Indonesia

The ‘Futures of MSMEs in Indonesia’ foresight exercise explores key drivers that can possibly shape the future of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in Indonesia.


Drivers and Triggers in Food and Agriculture

The Future of Food and Agriculture – Drivers and Triggers (FFA-DDT) report offers qualitative narratives and interactive quantitative analysis.


UNICEF’s Foresight Journey towards a Better Future

UNICEF’s Foresight team produces an annual Outlook for children, highlighting global trends and risks, while also developing anticipatory policies and recommendations for emerging issues


Signals Spotlight 2023: Illuminating Futures Trends

UNDP’s Signals Spotlight presents insights from the Future Trends and Signals System. It explores possible implications for future development trajectories.


The Future of Food and Agriculture

FAO provides qualitative narratives and quantitative information through web-based tools, supporting policy formulation globally and transforming agrifood systems.


Anticipating Scenarios to Prevent Humanitarian Disasters

Using historical data to forecast flooding risk in Sudan, enabling humanitarian organizations to proactively mitigate the impact of shocks by acting before needs arise.


Enhancing Food Impact Monitoring with SoilWatch

Finnish startup SoilWatch enhances World Food Programme’s satellite data to help communities withstand hardships and external shocks.


North Macedonia: A Foresightship Journey

North Macedonia successfully started to use foresight methods to become future-ready.


Foresight Practices in the Public Sector in Europe

Learnings from UNDP integrating strategic foresight in European national development plans, foresight capacity building, supporting Parliamentary Futures Commissions and engaging citizens in dialogue.


Satellite Imagery and Risk Modeling in Fiji

UNDRR collaborates with partners like UNOSAT in Fiji to utilize satellite imagery and future-oriented risk modeling for informed resettlement decisions in the face of climate change.


Reimagining Asian and Pacific Cities

Explores future scenarios and recommendations for sustainable urban development in Asia-Pacific, fostering partnerships and mobilizing investments.

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