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UN Global Pulse

Scaling the Summit: Innovation Scaling Guide

To support the UN 2.0 vision, “Scaling the Summit: A primer on how to scale innovations for impact for the UN System” by UN Global Pulse guides conversations around priming innovations for scale to unlock their full potential in addressing global needs.


UNDP Innovation Medium channel

Channel to follow UNDP’s Strategic Innovation initiatives and learnings – pioneering new ways of doing development that build country’s’ capacity to deliver change at scale.

FAO Science and Innovation Strategy

FAO’s Science and Innovation Strategy aims to boost global food systems by leveraging science and innovation, fostering evidence-based decision-making, and reinforcing FAO’s capacities.


UNICEF Global Innovation Strategy and Framework 2.0: The ‘ABCs’ of innovation

UNICEF Global Innovation Strategy and Framework 2.0: The ‘ABCs’ of innovation, matching today’s challenges with tomorrow’s solutions.


5D Innovation Framework

The 5D Innovation Framework provides a structured approach to identifying, selecting, and developing innovative ideas/solutions that align with UNICEF’s mission&goals and have the potential to generate the most significant impact.


UNESCO Knowledge hub on science, technology and innovation (STI)

Explore UNESCO’s latest news, initiatives, and projects around Science, Technology, and Innovation.


TAPipedia, a global knowledge hub by the Tropical Agriculture Platform, fosters knowledge exchange for Agricultural Innovation Systems, highlighting successful practices and lessons learned.


UNDP Portfolio Competency Framework

This guidebook presents an approach to help a broad range of development practitioners prepare for, engage in, and manage systems transformation using a portfolio approach in complex development spaces.


Digital Innovation Fund

Aims to provide UNHCR and community members the space, support, tools and expertise they need to responsibly explore forward-thinking and innovative approaches to digital inclusion, digital protection, and digital services.


UNFPA Innovation

Through innovation, UNFPA disrupts inequalities to ensure rights and choices for all, especially taking down barriers to women and girls in obtaining services and exercising their right to sexual and reproductive health.


UN Innovation Toolkit

The UN Innovation Toolkit includes twenty-one tools, step-by-step directions, worksheets, case studies, references and a 27-question innovation readiness assessment – helping the UN to make innovative thinking the new normal.


Rural Solutions Portal

The Rural Solutions Portal is a web-based knowledge-sharing platform that collects rural development solutions. These are innovations, technologies, processes and methodologies for the rural world.


UNOV/UNODC Innovation Strategy

UNOV/UNODC strives to be an agile strategic partner, aiming to employ strategic foresight, innovation, data science, digital transformation, and behavioural science to ensure delivery today and in the future.


Unstuck innovation portfolio website

Unstuck is an exploration journey of the UNDP that brings together public institutions, governments, investors, private companies and independent teams to work together on system and portfolio approaches to 21st-century crises.


UNWTO Innovation Strategy

With the aim of realizing the priorities of Innovation & digital transformation and Investment & entrepreneurship, WTO developed a Strategy on Innovation, Investment and Digital Transformation.


IFAD Innovation Strategy

The goal of IFAD’s innovation strategy is to ensure that innovation is systematically and effectively mainstreamed in IFAD processes and in its practice in country programmes.


UNWTO Innovation Network

A platform for the exchange of knowledge, business models, successful business cases and general support among actors in the tourism sector to foster disruption in their own strategy and in the tourism sector as a whole

U4SSC Hub for Digital Cities

The United for Smart Sustainable Cities (U4SSC) Hub provides a unique platform to accelerate cooperation between public and private sector and helps facilitate the digital transformation in cities and communities, while enabling technology and knowledge transfer


UNWTO Action Plan for Innovation

UNWTO aims to drive the digitalization of tourism and to create an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem that will maximize the potential of the sector in terms of economic growth, job creation and sustainable development.

WFP Innovation Lessons Learned

Channel to follow UNDP’s Strategic Innovation initiatives and learnings – pioneering new ways of doing development that build countries’ capacity to deliver change at scale.


Learnings from UNDP Accelerator Labs

Channel to follow UNDP’s Accelerator Labs initiatives and learnings.

Innovating for Big Impact: WFP-X Moonshot Toolkit

WFP’s strategic foresight work in Tanzania resulted in the development of the WFP-X Moonshot Toolkit, applying design-thinking methodologies to design solutions for societal problems in collaboration with local Tanzanian innovators.

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