Environmental action planning and performance software: eAPP

Environmental action planning and performance software: eAPP

The environment action planning and performance software (eAPP) collects information on environmental risks, impacts and performance across 400+ peacekeeping sites globally in a consistent and reliable way. The software brings together all elements of UN 2.0: Collecting data and providing and communicating analysis to senior leadership and external partners; providing strategic foresight by enabling a data-driven and a results-based approach to planning and target setting; leveraging the existing digital transformation (Umoja, EFMS, GIS, SMART metering) and providing innovative fit for purpose solutions to mainstream environment within existing systems and processes, and incorporating the psychological aspects of environmental behaviour in order to incentivise environmental action and ambition. Developed by OICT, DOS and peacekeeping missions.




Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Congo, Cyprus, DR, Iraq, Israel, Kosovo, Lebanon, Mali, Pakistan, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Western Saraha


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