UN 2.0: Skills and Culture for Better UN System Impact

Halfway through the 2030 Agenda, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are lagging. To get back on track, all of us need to rethink, refocus and recharge.  

Our contribution to SDG progress is UN 2.0, a vision of a modernized UN system: with cutting-edge skills and forward-thinking culture for stronger results, better Member State support and greater SDG impact.

Leveraging our diversity, we are striving towards this vision with a powerful fusion of data, innovation, digital, foresight and behavioural science expertise – a dynamic combination that we call the “quintet of change”, grounded in a rejuvenated organizational culture.

We are building a quintet
of cutting-edge skills

Behavioural Science

Nurturing behavioural science is about fostering our knowledge of how people act and make decisions – to create better choices that work with, not against, the grain of human nature.


Building modern data expertise is about improving how we collect, handle, govern and use data from more diverse sources for better insights and action.


Developing digital expertise means shifting to digitally enabled solutions that improve connectivity, service delivery, collaboration and decision-making.

Strategic Foresight

Instilling strategic foresight means learning structured methods to navigate change, imagine better futures and make better decisions today.


Cultivating our innovation capacity is about learning to quickly generate, test and scale up novel ideas that create sustainable benefits for people and planet.

We are fostering
forward-thinking culture

We strive to create a forward-thinking culture that values agility, learning and curiosity – to create an environment in which the cutting-edge skills of the “quintet of change” can flourish and amplify impact.

We will increase collective action on global diversity, inclusion, human rights, gender expertise, young people and environmental sustainability – firmly rooted in our commitments to integrity, humility and humanity.

António Guterres


“UN 2.0 is about strengthening our expertise and culture – to build a United Nations system that can better support member states in the twenty-first century.”

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UN 2.0

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