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AI Peacemaking: Amplifying Public Voices

Exploring the use of AI for real-time 1-on-1 consultations in local dialects & languages to involve public voices in peace negotiations. Real-time analysis based on demographic interests.


Pathways Colombia: Navigating Peace Virtually

Embark on an immersive VR experience delving into the peace process in Colombia with Pathways Colombia.



UPSHIFT is a social innovator accelerator equipping young people with the skills to impact their communities and successfully transition into their work lives while promoting civic engagement and fostering an entrepreneurship mindset.


ECHO: AI for Amplifying Citizen Voices

ECHO uses AI to elevate citizens’ voices, linking everyday language to SDGs discourse, fostering participatory planning, and raising SDGs awareness in real-time.


Advancing Maldives Policy Innovation: Public Innovation Lab

In the Maldives, an open-policy lab fosters evidence-based policymaking, economic advisory, and knowledge product development. It promotes collaboration among government, civil society, and the private sector.

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